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Kvito Polito

The WHY NOT agency designed a brand book for Kvito Polito – a company specializing in high-end, quality floral services. It is a household brand offering designer fresh-flower bouquets with fast and reliable delivery to any address.

Our team came up with a comprehensive turnkey design solution. The project involved major creative tasks, such as the logo design and the corporate identity design.



Corporate Identity

Since this brand is associated with floristry, décor, design, i.e. esthetic and artistic domains, the focus here must be placed on beauty and sophistication, elegance and glamor, romanticism and emotional appeal. Accordingly, the design of the company’s corporate identity was centered around the feeling of harmony, the balance of form (the decoration) and content (the spirit) of this brand.

The aeriality and affection, the exquisiteness and exclusivity – of both products and service – have all been reflected in the logo design and in the play with shadows and volumes, in the search for visual images, the interesting experiments with fonts and paper textures.

“Beautiful solutions for a beautiful brand” is probably how we could describe our goal for this project, its printing materials definitely being not only a means to express the company’s identity, but also an independent objets d'art.




Color palette

To portray the nature of this brand, its aristocratic sophistication, we chose refined and intense colors (primary and secondary ones) for the brand’s identity. This color palette was used throughout the bundle in illustrations, backgrounds, fonts, etc.

The central elements and main patterns determining the overall style were, of course, flowers – peony, peony roses, alstroemerias – all depicted in monochromatic images, presented in a pronouncedly expressive way combining static realistic images and dynamic decorative items (patterns). The intensity, depth and richness of the colors, the finely worked details, the lightness, aeriality and smooth motion of petals and leaves – all this emphasizes the picturesqueness and vivacity of the Kvito Polito brand.





We tried to ensure that absolutely each detail worked as part of the corporate identity design, helping consumers build associative links with this brand. The target audience must develop the idea that the bouquets and arrangements, souvenirs and décor and the accompanying service are truly one of their kind. KVITO POLITO’s printed products are nice to look at and hold in hands, as every detail is thought through, and the presentation materials serve as a coherent, natural extension of the brand’s image.


Business cards, gift tags, brochures, packaging – these accessories do not only solve marketing tasks, but also have become special, memorable modern-looking artifacts. For example, small-sized printed materials are decorated with a specially designed embossing; this embossing, when seen in an information brochure, folds into a bouquet of flowers! Such tricks, as well as patterns (repetitive ornaments and drawings) specially designed for this brand, always catch the eye and help identify any advertising item.





For printing products, we have proposed Italian kraft board from the FLORA collection (which is symbolical in the context of the project) with natural pastel shades and high-end embossing; whereas packaging and gift bags are made of European packaging kraft paper.

These innovative materials demonstrated excellent printing performance, enhancing the brightness, sharpness and accurateness of the picture, playing their role in the overall composition of a whole complex of style and designer solutions.