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Sinteza Agro

Sinteza Agro

Sinteza Agro is a dynamically developing group of companies in the agricultural sector. Its work is based on innovations, principles of well-thought-out modern logistics and a combination of new approaches to processing and transportation of traditional oilseeds, as well as the export of oils and grains.


The result of successful cooperation of our agency with Sinteza Agro group was a set of marketing tools, which were developed and implemented by our team within the framework of a common advertising strategy for bringing the group to the foreign market.

 Each work - from the idea of ​​the concept to its visual and virtual embodiment - solved the task set by the customer: deliver values, express a mission, display growth dynamics and geography, show the uniqueness of the company in figures and facts. 

The WHY NOT GROUP team developed the concept, created a single common style, in which creative, informative, visual, image solutions were combined.



Each stage of the work – business-presentation, infographic, polygraphy, corporate website, schwag - was thought through and implemented according to the requirements of modern advertising principles and world trends in graphic design, copywriting, SEO, etc. 




Lightness and "air" in the organization of visual and online space, prevalent green-brown gamma (agriculture-soil) and yellow-blue shades (sun-air), easily readable text files, clear strict infographics, simple and convenient booklet structure, separate display of  maps and graphs, competent accents on digital indicators - all this created a single easily recognizable corporate style of the company, effectively working in the agricultural sphere.




One of the key moments in the rapid disclosure of the theme and image of the company today is the presentation. The visibility and clip formats on the principle of "here-and-now" implies a convenient informing of the audience about the activity directions of Sinteza Agro, locations and branches, partners and sales volumes. We have developed a recognizable style, author's infographic has been created, a convenient structure has been thought out that allows you a quickly deliver of the main messages.





A modern website is an accessible online business card of the company. The website of Sinteza Agro group differs from others by the convenient interface, the explanatory graphic part, the balance of text blocks, the competent organization of space within the screen of any media - smartphone, laptop, PC, tablet. But the most important is the ease of perception, which we managed to achieve with the help of balanced proportions and a thoughtful correlation of informative blocks and visual images.


Information booklet for the sales department





An effective tool for work with potential partners. This booklet performs its direct function of familiarizing the audience with the activities of Sinteza Agro. In addition, like any well-chosen advertising tool, it attracts attention, immediately creating a certain mood - business, pragmatic, understandable and convenient. In this case, our creative team focused on the feeling of lightness and "transparency" of cooperation, observing the comfort zone of all elements, applying the friendly-coloring and rules of the modern European standard of business layout. A large, easily readable font, including figures, bright photos, clear pictures, proportional rhythm of text and graphics - all this creates a sense of dynamism, mobility and progress.