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Booklet for the company UMG investments

Booklet for the company UMG investments

For the booklet UMG investments was carried out:
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VESCO is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of white clay. It is an umbrella for the local Vesco companies. The product portfolio of the clay mining business includes over 60 brands of clay. VESCO’s primary consumers are the manufacturers of ceramic and porcelain tiles, of which the largest ones in 2017 were the manufacturers of ceramic tiles in Spain and Italy — with 28% and 21% of the total sales respectively. According to the last year’s overall results, around 91% of the clay made by the company was sold to export markets in 27 countries around the world. VESCO’s clay-mining business, which is part of UMG Investments’ portfolio, sold 3.05 mn ton of clay in 2017, which is 36% higher than the sales performance of 2016.

As a result

The design of the corporate catalog, developed by the B2B agency WHY NOT GROUP, reflects the nature of the customer’s business, its integration structure, potential and competitive edge. The brochure is targeted

mainly at potential foreign customers, so its design conforms to the European standards of business data delivery combined with informative, concise thumbnails and design elements.