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Olga Sakun
Olga Sakun
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Chemistry of success:

Corporate Calendar
"Formula of Success"

Communication is necessary, communication is important. One of the effective ways to improve it is to create a reason for discussion and to involve in the process company employees from different departments.

Why does it work so well in such projects is because creative environment helps people to reveal their other sides, where competences take back seat to their significant “I”. Besides, this is a kind of recognition from the company.

Involved and united by one project and one goal. Is it interesting? Oh yeah!

What kind of work is it?

The corporate calendar of Donbassenergo embodied the concept of chemical elements interconnection with the unique qualities of its models – the company's employees.

The UN General Assembly proclaimed 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. The Table is not just a scientific discovery – it is a beautiful and harmonious scheme of interactions and bondings, the result of Mendeleev’s inspired attitude towards the work of his whole life.

The result is a bright calendar that displayed the chemistry of success. Whether it is a scientific discovery, braking into space, brilliant lyric poetry, an outstanding business, or an effective company, a successful image corporate project, which has become the effective embodiment of team building ideas, an inspired approach to work and open-mindedness.