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Ekaterina Vodolazhskaya
Olga Sakun
Olga Sakun

Completed for client:

Image style

image booklet
paper bag
business card

Intuition + tool

“WHY NOT BRANDING?” agency is a company of one-size-fits-all solutions which brings to life advertising, image and printing challenges on a “turn key” basis. Our team has a large armoury that let you create and implement any presentation concept, including exhibition support. We create unique non-standard design options and have not only professional intuition and creative potential, but also excellent modern tools used in manufacture of exhibition displays, production of booklets and brochures for exhibitions, as well as business cards and promotional gifts. Our knowledge and experience help us to create the products that always reflect a customer’s style, profile and values.

Wow effect

Focusing on advertising innovations, as well as relying on world standards in this niche, we know for sure which “key points” can distinguish any company among its competitors, we apply semantic and visual codes that increase memorability. After all, it is your display or showroom at the exhibition that will be a great chance to timely produce the “wow effect”, to involve in communication as many partners or potential customers as possible, to announce yourself. Our team helps you to do it nontrivially and tastefully, offering you exhibition catalogues and booklets, which are not only informative and logical, but also immaculate as far as style and printing are concerned, because they feel well in your hands, so both the customers and their partners are delighted to use them.


Within the concept of “instant creation and involvement”, we invented and produced pick-up materials and promotional gifts to increase the visitors retention of the company’s display. As a result, a full case was created for the effective presentation of SPOTLESS, which reflected the main principles of the company: creativity, style, functionality and individual approach.

An exhibition is always a unique opportunity to make it to the top here and now. Make the maximum use of it – contact the pros!