Donbasenergo Annual Report 2018

Ekaterina Vodolazhskaya
Olga Sakun
Olga Sakun, Bohdan Kusch, Yana Polubinska

Tasks completed:

design, layout

We would like to bring to your attention an annual trendy edition of Donbasenergo Public Joint Stock Company — the 2018 annual report.

The purpose of the edition is to provide detailed description of the results of the Company’s activities and prospects for its further development. In the annual report, special attention is paid to significant production, financial and economic information, as well as to social accountability issues.

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The pride of place of the annual report design is given to the famous paintings of Piet Mondrian, made in one of abstract painting varieties, neoplasticism. According to the creators of this artistic movement, the strictly balanced combinations of large rectangular shapes, clearly separated by perpendicular lines and coloured in the local colours of the main spectrum, reflects the craving for “universal harmony”.

Just like Mondrian sought to achieve universal harmony in his creative work, Donbassenergo, presenting the results of its operating, financial, economic and social activities, aims at showing them openly, to be readily understandable by everyone. The philosophy of this union is a combination of art and reality.

The main development objective of PJS Donbassenergo is to build a corporate, socially responsible company that cares about personnel’s health, safety, well-being and development, interacts transparently and openly with suppliers and contractors, makes efficient use of natural resources and protects the environment within the corporate footprint. The task of art is to inspire development and to energize for future accomplishments depicting the world around us. Business artistic visualisation is the main trend of communications in 2019.

The PJS Donbassenergo annual report is a pragmatic array of information, connected by means of a universal language of art, understood by everyone, transmitting its creative energy. Together with art we have one goal – to generate for the benefit and development.