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Business presents for CORUM GROUP’s partners

CORUM GROUP, the leading company operating in the sphere of mining machinery, thinks it extremely important to conduct the policy aimed at winning and maintaining loyalty of its partners. Usable business products represent one of the instruments of this corporate policy.

Why Not developed the business present targeted for men. The present consists of two unique whisky glasses, which can rotate on the table (you should only give them a little push and they will start rotating like a pegtop), and a set of stones for cooling the drink, with the directions for use. As one of the objectives of the development of the business present was to ensure its safe delivery, the set has strong shockproof packaging.

The second objective was to reflect the specific character of the company’s operation within the concept “We help to extract natural resources, which help people”. This objective was reached by the development of the gift package for the business present, which, by means of die-cutting design with additional elements on the plastic pocket, forms a picture of mine extraction.

Due to its singularity and practicability, the developed business present served its major purpose: it caused favourable impressions of its receivers. Besides, it will be in use and surprise its owner for a long time to come.