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Development of corporate identity and website for "Novaya Diagnostika"

Development of corporate identity and website for "Novaya Diagnostika"

For the "Novaya Diagnostika" performed
Corporate Identity
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Healthcare services mean to quickly and efficiently deliver test results and laboratory findings. The goal of the website is to provide information to the consumer quickly and clearly. Forget all optional inputs, just the crucial, important information. Pricing, addresses of labs and offices, over 600 recommendations and test descriptions, numerous data, tables, etc. Despite the informative content and a vast amount of useful information, the website is easily and readily perceived, thanks to the sensible layout and sectioning.

The neat and user-friendly navigation, the clear, logical and distinct structure accessible to all, even less tech-savvy, users – all of this helps quickly figure out the lines of activity, the company geography, the list of services and the availability of certificates.


The transparency and neatness of the user experience, its lightweight design and sensible structure respond not only to the demands of the state of the art, but also to the main criterion – the accessibility of the information about the offered services and, consequently, an easier perception of the content by the users. The user-friendliness, transparency of information, accuracy of facts make a basis for the website’s structure.

During the website development stage, to help users comfortably browse and quickly find their way around the website, we came up with a detailed, well-thought-out map of all sections. To help quickly engage the right audience, we split them into target groups of users (doctors and patients). An important role is played by the components that generate trust in the company, such as the customer feedback block, the section with certificates, the list of reliable partners with world-renowned names.