Development of style and layout of the code of corporate conduct for CORUM GROUP

Corum Group is affiliated to one of the largest financial and industrial groups in Ukraine “System Capital Management”  The key competence of Corum Group is an expert examination in mining business. Governed by the modern global business models, Corum Group offers its clients the efficient and safe integrated solutions from the development of technologies to production and servicing of equipment in this sector.



Developed Code of Corporate Conduct (CCC) clearly and correctly describes the behavior of employees, based on the principles of fairness, justice, efficiency, unity, and commitment to results. This CCC is a manual describing requirements for the team in the daily operations, the execution of which leads and will lead the company to its growth.

Succinct illustrations and infographics efficiently ensuring information perception and retention were used while creating CCC. Concise format of the Code makes it convenient for mobile application.